Changing the way you Think About Your Programmes' Data

The power of data science lies in the insights it provides users to make informed strategic decisions that lead to great impact and results. We want you to realise this power.

  • Make evidence-based programme decisions
  • Improve SMME Support Interventions
  • Define Best Practice for you
  • Identify Growth Opportunities
  • Understand Your Programmes' Real Impact
  • Tell Stories of Your Success and Learnings

The SMME Support Analytics Platform

A cloud-based SMME support programme monitoring, analytics and reporting platform coupled with independent programme evaluation that demonstrates programme impact on the SMMEs supported.

  • Create and Manage Unlimited BDS Programmes
  • Monitor and Evaluate the performance of 100+ SMMEs
  • Have a historical view of your programmes' performance
  • Compile programme performance and benchmarking reports
  • Easily keep monitoring your beneficiaries post the programme for longitudinal impact measurement
  • Corporate account holders can view and report on all funded BDS programmes

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BDSP Training and Development

Capacitating The Capacitators

Course 1: Internal Monitoring and Evaluation

This introductory M&E course is designed for business incubator, accelerator, enterprise and development providers team members that are tasked with data management and reporting but do not have the skills and background in M&E.

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Course 3: Internal and External Programme Reporting

Report writing is a skill that can be learned and should be learned, specifically by employees of funded programme who are tasked to report to funders on the progress and impact of the funded programmes.

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Course 2: Impact Driven Programme Design and Management

In partnership with The Growth Box, C4G offers this short course to employees of business incubators, accelerators and ESD programmes who are tasked with developing or improving SMME support programmes

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Course 4: C4G M&E Analytics Platform Certification

Ensure that funders and partners know that your organisation takes programme impact seriously and that you have systems in place to ensure the quality of all SMME support programmes and impact on the beneficiaries. Get M&E Certified.

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Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Reporting


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