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Maximise Your BDS Programme's Impact Using Ecosystem Insights

Catalyst For Growth publishes an Ecosystem Report each year focused on the performance and impact of business development services on SMMEs. The Catalyst For Growth team also works in collaboration with ecosystem stakeholders to produce shorter reports and data summaries throughout the year.

Format: PDF | Publication: March 2020 | Pages: 143

Author: Catalyst For Growth NPC

SBSER 2019: The Role And Impact Of Business Development Support Services On South African SMMEs

The importance of small, medium and micro-enterprises in South Africa keeps increasing against the backdrop of high unemployment levels and political flux. In South Africa alone, there are in excess of 2.5 million SMMEs contributing approximately one fifth (20%) of GDP to the country’s economy. As these figures continue to rise, public and private institutions must ensure that these business owners are provided with the requisite knowledge and experiences for effective business management, sustainability, access to markets and success. There is also a dire need for more information surrounding business development support programmes and how their performance can impact entrepreneurs enrolled in these programmes.

Specific themes, relevant to the successes and challenges of the SMME environment, emerged and guided the development of this report. The sections of this report namely Motivations for Entrepreneurship, Impact of BDS Programmes, Financing Entrepreneurship and Business Discontinuation speak directly to these and are complemented by an assessment of BDS principles, which include longitudinal SMME performance, skills development, access to markets and the increasing use of technology.

Format: PDF | Publication: Feb 2019 | Pages: 89

Author: Catalyst For Growth NPC

SBSER 2018: The Role And Impact Of Business Development Support Services On South African SMMEs

Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) and the advent of the Codes of Good Practice have led to billions in expenditure on SMME development through Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD). C4G sees Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) as an integral, strategic priority for South Africa if we are to understand the real impact of these interventions. This report puts forward a first step towards informing the sector on the Return on Investment (ROI) of SMME support interventions.

Some of the report’s key findings include:

  1. High-cost BDS had the worst-performing SMEs.
  2. The most impactful BDS service, as ranked by SMMEs is the facilitation of access to finance or investors.
  3. Mixed-sector programmes had better outcomes across most performance indicators, compared to sector-specific programmes.

Format: PDF | Publication: April 2017 | Pages: 72

Author: Catalyst For Growth NPC

2017 BDS Ecosystem Ecosytem Report - Results From The Beta Test

This report seeks to show the type of analysis that C4G can perform as our dataset grows. The analyses included in this report are based on a series of key questions uncovered during a stakeholder engagement process, with corporate, BDS providers, government and investors.

The four (4) learning questions are:

  1. What type of SMMEs / Characteristics of entrepreneurs, benefit most from BDS?
  2. What type of BDS programmes performs the best?
  3. What is the national economic benefit of supporting SMMEs?
  4. What type of BDS is most efficient (value for money) in creating jobs and revenue?