The Inner Work of a Leader in this Time of Crisis What do businesses and business leaders need to consider, to carry their businesses through the economic storm? It seems the consensus is that some of the key elements include: Strengthening the resilience and agility of the organisation Customer retention Increasing market confidence/interest in your […]

My Time During Covid-19 “Time is on my side, yes, it is” – The rolling stones I am feeling a bit reflective on the concept of time lately. I have been evaluating my adaptation, or lack of it, to the lockdown era.  I, like my C4G colleagues and most of you who will come to read […]

Could it be that small business can rise from the COVID-19 ashes? It is well established that we are living in unprecedented times. The human being is being tested on all possible levels and so too, by default, every small business out there. This is a time for much resilience and tenacity. The old adage […]

Moving beyond the shock and mobilising into action With over 2 months of the National Lockdown due to the Covid1-9 pandemic, a trail of dire consequences has been left affecting Large Corporations, Medium Corporations and Small and Micro Businesses along the way.  Quantifying the damages has been an infinite process that has seen the South […]

Viewing Business Development Support differently in the ‘New Economy’ The negative impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic on small business is an unavoidable phenomenon of our time. In countries where national lockdowns are in place, the impact is more severe, even resulting in the closure of many businesses. Reports suggest that the USA, for example, […]

J.P.Morgan announced this week that its two-year pilot programme for South African small and medium enterprises (SMEs) had achieved its objectives. The programme, which asserts that SMEs are the key drivers of growth for South Africa’s economy, found that greater emphasis and investment was needed to develop entrepreneurs by providing training and other business development […]

“Entrepreneurship is often glamourized and sometimes seen as a panacea to solving social ills and transforming the economy, but this can lead to unrealistic expectations and individuals not being prepared for the demands of this journey,” cautions Mimi Kalida, Managing Director of the Africa Communications Media Group. Kalinda believes that one of the ways to […]